Renold geared motor suppliers

The Renold geared motor range of industrial gearboxes are specified for use in power transmission, lifting, conveying and processing applications around the world.

Tackling thousands of demanding operating environments, Renold has a track record of success and innovation offering many unique products and services & has always been at the leading edge of gear technology.

Their range includes the S-series helical worm, K-series bevel helical & R-series in-line helical. Designed with interchangeable Euro dimensions they also accept standard IEC motors for fast and easy replacement.

Available output torques are up to 10,000Nm for the S-series, 20,000 Nm for the R-series & 33,000 Nm for the K-series.

Webb-Elec supply the full range of Renold products for new applications & projects or for replacing existing plant. Our in-house engineering department can assist you with selection for all your requirements.