With an extensively equipped mechanical & electrical workshop we are able to carry out a wide range of repair and rebuild work. We have a large team of highly skilled engineers and adhere to AEMT industry best practice at all times within our mechanical & electrical workshop.

Our capabilities include:

  • Dynamic balancing: fan & pump impellers, rotors, pulleys, armatures, etc.
  • Gearbox repair & rebuild including gear cutting, shaft manufacture and bearing replacement
  • Pump repair with shaft reclamation, impeller balancing, replacement bearings, mechanical seal & pump test
  • 3 phase & DC Electric motor rewind and repair
  • Electronic repair & testing
  • Servomotor repair, rebuild & testing
  • Fan unit rebuild with impeller repair/balance/replacement. Shaft, bearings & housings repaired & replaced.
  • Fabrication of damaged obsolete components
  • Metalspray and fully equipped machine shop facilities
  • Hydraulic press facilities
  • Shotblast and full steam clean facilities
  • Test area for full run testing of all motors, pumps, fans & geared motors.