Bonfiglioli Universal Gearmotors – VF-EP/W-EP series

We supply the full range of Bonfiglioli gearmotors including their very popular Bonfiglioli Universal gearmotor series.

Wormgears and motors are also available in the enhanced protection “EP” configuration (gear motor for hostile environments), featuring food grade specifications and extra corrosion protection, allowing for cleanability and sanification after operation. Besides the food processing, the EP configuration will also suit the requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as the marine on-board and quayside installations.

Food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Marine on-board and quayside installation
Corrosive and/or highly hygienic environments

Availability on
Gears: VF 44, VF 49, W 63, W 75, W 86
Motors: BN 63 … BN 112 / M1SD … M3LC

Standard Features
Stainless Steel Hollow Shaft
Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware and Tag
Oil Seals Loaded with Stainless Steel Spring
Sealed Gearcase (unvented)
Unused Tapped Holes Closed with Button Plugs
Four Draining Holes on Motor DE and NDE Shield
Motor Protection IP 56

Epoxy Primer+Epoxy top Coating FDA
Washdown Duty Oil Seals
Food Grade Lubricant, Class H1

Foot, Flange and Shaft Mount

Plug-in Solid Output Shaft from Stainless Steel
Safety Cover for the Hollow Output Shaft
Torque Arm

Not only do we supply the full range of gearmotors from Bonfiglioli but we also have a complete workshop with facilities for the rebuild, modification and testing of all types of gearmotors, motors & gearboxes. Whether you need a long shaft modification for your new gearmotor for a bespoke application or if you need repairs carrying out to your existing unit, we have all the skills and facilities you need. Typical repairs include full bearing and seal replacement, gear cutting and replacement, motor rewind and lubricant replacement.

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