KTR Gearex Couplings

Product features

  • High power density
  • Torque up to 2,750,000 Nm
  • Operative range -20° C to +80° C
  • AGMA Standard 9008-B00

KTR Gearex couplings made from steel with grease lubrication and toroidal sealing ring correspond to the international standard. Being flexible shaft connections they are suitable for a positive torque transmission. In addition, they ensure to compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft displacements.

GEARex® Operating principle

According to the operating principle of the well-known crowned gear edge pressures in the spline are avoided in case of angular and radial displacements. Permanent grease lubrication produces a better friction ratio of the spline with an operation almost free from wear along with a long service life of the coupling.

In order to ensure a regular and verified lubrication in assembled condition, two connections for hydraulics are arranged opposite to each other radially on each coupling sleeve. As a result a complete Gearex coupling has four connections being offset to each other by 90°.

The interior of the coupling is sealed by means of toroidal sealing rings. The feather keys have to be sealed against escape of lubricants during the assembly.

We supply the full range of KTR Gearex couplings and our technical sales team can advise you & select the correct coupling for your application. Whether you have a failure or performance issue with your existing coupling and drive arrangement or if you are an OEM looking at a new design you can draw on our expertise to support you at every turn.

KTR couplings