Helical Bevel Gearmotors – K Series

We supply a large number of SEW Eurodrive helical bevel gearmotors into the UK market to both end-users & OEMs.

SEW Eurodrive helical-bevel gearmotors K..DR.. are an excellent choice for many applications that require compact drives with high efficiency. As they are especially low-maintenance they will reduce your costs in day-to-day operation.

Helical-bevel gearmotors (two and three stages)

  • High efficiency
  • Gearing with high fatigue strength
  • Long, maintenance-free service life
  • Can be combined with our complete motor portfolio

Sizes K..37 to K..187 (three stages)

  • Double gear units for very low output speeds also available
  • Reduced backlash variant
  • Available variants:
    • Foot- or flange-mounted
    • B5 or B14 flange-mounted
    • Solid or hollow shaft
    • Hollow shaft with keyed connection, shrink disk, splined hollow shaft, or TorqLOC®

Sizes K..19 to K..49 (two stages)

  • Low-loss, two-stage design with a high gearing efficiency of over 90%
  • The aluminium housing of sizes K..19 and K..29 makes them particularly lightweight
  • Sizes K..39 and K..49 are particularly sturdy and torsionally stiff due to the gray-cast iron housing
  • Three base strips ensure an optimum connection to the customer machine even in critical mounting situations
  • Available variants:
    • Foot- or B5 flange-mounted
    • Solid or hollow shaft
    • Hollow shaft with keyed connection or shrink disk or TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system

Part Numbers:

K37DT80K4                    K47DRS100M4
K37DT71D4                    K47DRS100L4
K37DRS71S4                  K57DT80M4
K37DRS71M4                K57DT90M4
K37DRS80                        K57DT71M4
K37DRS90M4                K57DT71S4
K37DRS90L4                  K57DRS71S4
K37DRS100M4             K57DRS71M4
K47DT90L4                     K57DRS80
K47DT80M4                   K57DRS90M4
K47DT90M4                   K57DRS90L4
K47DRS71S4                  K57DRS100M4
K47DRS71M4                K57DRS100L4
K47DRS80                        K57DRS132S4
K47DRS90M4                K57DRS132M4

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