Leroy Somer LSK DC Motor Range

Power: 2 – 750kw

Frame size: 112 – 355

Cooling: IC06

Foot & Flange Mounted

We stock a range of Leroy Somer DC motors which can be delivered on a same day basis if required.

Comprehensive specifications of the Leroy Somer DC Motor include:

  • Fully Laminated Frame
  • Motor Fitted with Flange and Feet for Mounting
  • 3-Phase Full Bridge Supply
  • PTC Thermistors
  • IP23S Protection
  • IC06 Force Vent Cooling Mounted Top
  • Polyester Filter to Force Vent
  • S1 Duty
  • Class “H” Insulation
  • 180 or 360V Field Supply
  • 40°C Ambient 1000M Above Sea Level
  • Terminal Box RHS Viewing from Shaft End
  • Motor Fitted with Provision to Fit Radio-Energie REO444 Type Tachogenerator

DC Motors from Leroy Somer are available with many options including DC tachogenerators, encoders, force vent units and brakes. We provide a same day delivery service for urgent stocked motors with next day delivery as standard. We have full in-house repair facilities to rewind and rebuild all failed motors and can advise on fault finding with our team of experienced technical engineers.

Repair services available include:-

  • Replacement bearings & general overhaul
  • Commutator machining and undercut
  • Brushgear rebuild with replacement brushes manufactured
  • Machining and mechanical work to worn bearing journals & housings
  • Stove and re-impregnation of insulation varnish
  • Rebuild of blower unit
  • Supply & fit of replacement tachogenerator & encoder
  • Rewind of armature, field and interpoles
  • Supply and fit of replacement commutator


Part Numbers:

LSK1124M04                   LSK1804L06
LSK1124M05                   LSK1804VL11
LSK1324S05                     LSK2004M06
LSK1324M06                   LSK2004L10
LSK1324VL10                  LSK2004L11
LSK1324XVL10               LSK2254L11
LSK1604S05                      LSK2254VL14
LSK1604S06                      LSK2504CM03
LSK1604M07                    LSK2504CL03
LSK1604VL12                   LSK2804CM05
LSK1804M05                    LSK2804CL06

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