Parallel Shaft Geared Motors

NORD parallel shaft geared motors are highly suitable for use in applications with confined installation spaces. They offer a wide range of torques from 100 to 100,000 Nm.

  • Performance: 0.12 – 200 kW
  • Torque range: 110 – 100 000 Nm

Special features of NORD parallel shaft geared motors.

  • Powerful
    The parallel shaft geared motors provide torques from 100 to 100,000 Nm (as an Industrial gear unit up to 250.000 Nm).
  • Efficient
    The extremely compact design saves valuable installation space.
  • Flexible
    As with all geared motor series from NORD, adapters for IEC and NEMA motors are available.

High efficiency parallel shaft geared motors
Electric motors with NORD parallel shaft gear units operate extremely efficiently. They feature a flat design and are therefore ideal for installation in applications with very confined spaces.

The flexibility of parallel shaft gear units is essentially due to the compact UNICASE housing which was developed by NORD in 1981 and is now the global standard.

Read about the benefits which the NORD UNICASE housing concept brings.
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Part Numbers:

SK0182NB                    SK6282
SK0182.1                       SK7282
SK0282NB                    SK1382.1
SK0282.1                       SK4382
SK1282                           SK5382
SK2282                           SK6382
SK3282                           SK7382
SK4282                           SK8382

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