Rossi Planetary Gearmotors

Range of planetary gear reducers and gearmotors, specifically designed
for industrial applications.

In Line and Bevel Helical execution:

  • 23 gearmotor sizes 001 … 710
  • fastening with through holes flange (B5), integral feet, shaft mounting with torque arm
  • regular size and transmission ratio steps, according to catalog

Comprehensive range of sizes, trains of gears and input/ output coupling dimensions.
Modularity and adaptation;
Cylindrical or splined male shafts, cylindrical or splined female shafts, shaft mounting and more;
Comprehensive transmission ratio range from >3,5 to over 10 000;
Comprehensive accessories range (more than 20 different types)
Direct coupling with electric, hydraulic motors, male shaft;
High thermal capacitance in the category
Resistance to radial and axial loads on shafts; high torsional stiffness


  • Power P10,18…90 kW
  • Nominal torque TN2 1600…710,000 Nm
  • Transmission ratio i N3,55…3550 (in line)
  • Transmission ratio i N9…2440 (bevel helical)
Rossi gearmotors