Renold R Series In-Line Helical Geared Motors

In-line helical gear unit with torque capacities up to 20,000Nm, power up to 160kW and ratios up to 58:1 in two stage and up to 16,200:1 in combined form.

Can be supplied as double, triple, quadruple and quintuple reduction units, foot or flange mounted.  Available as motorised, motor ready or as a reducer with a keyed input shaft.


  • Reduction gear and geared motor options
  • Power up to 160kW covering the majority of drive requirements
  • Ratios: up to 58:1 in two stage, up to 16,200:1 in combined form offers wide speed range
  • Output torque up to 20,000Nm providing low cost per Nm
  • Interchangeable Euro dimensions for ease of replacement
  • Accepts standard IEC/NEMA motors ensuring fast and low cost replacement
  • Oil tight gear head keeps motor replacement free from oil spills
  • Cast iron case with epoxy-polyester powder-coated finish for strength and durability
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