KTR Revolex Couplings

Product features

  • Failsafe
  • Vibration-damping
  • Axial plug-in, easy assembly
  • Maintenance-free
  • Short design; small shaft distance dimension
  • Torques from 3,800 to 1,220,000 Nm
  • Elastomers from chloroprene caoutchouc
  • Elastomer: Operating range from -30° C to +80° C and short-term max. +120° C
  • Easy disassembly of the complete pins easily possible

REVOLEX® is a torsionally-flexible, failsafe pin & bush coupling. It can be plugged in axially and is characterized by its short design. In addition, it allows for an easy disassembly of the elastomer rings including the pins while being assembly. The REVOLEX® coupling compensates for every kind of shaft misalignment while transmitting the torque safely.

We supply the full range of KTR Revolex couplings and our technical sales team can advise you & select the correct coupling for your application. Whether you have a failure or performance issue with your existing coupling and drive arrangement or if you are an OEM looking at a new design you can draw on our expertise to support you at every turn.


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