Rossi Helical Bevel Gearmotors G-Series

The Rossi helical bevel G-series gearmotors available from Webb-Elec.

  • Universal mounting design
  • IEC standard motor
  • NEMA motor input option
  • Rigid and precise housing. A single piece manufactured from cast iron.
  • Available in a wide range of accessories both standard and non-standard.
  • Easy and functional shaft-mounting design

Compliance with ATEX 94/9/EC directive

Rossi Helical Bevel G-Series Features

Covering a wide range of options, the Rossi G-Series are available with the following features:-

  • 18 Sizes (40 … 360)
  • Power P1 0,09 … 160 kW
  • Nominal torque MT2 ≤ 90 000 N m
  • Transmission ratio iN 2 … 12 500

Rossi Group from Modena is one of Europe’s largest industrial groups for the production and sales of gear reducers, gearmotors, electronic speed variation and electrical brake motors, and is a member of the Habasit Group. Constantly striving for continued product improvement, Rossi products are robust and reliable and a solid choice for all engineering projects.

We sell a large number of products from Rossi into the UK market to both end-users and OEMs.

Efficient and reliable, Rossi’s range of gearmotors are assembled to order and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We also provide a full repair and rebuild service for all types of gearmotors in our extensively equipped workshop with gearcutting, new shafts, bearings, machining, dynamic balancing, seals and motors. Call us now on 0121 526 5070 for an immediate response for all your requirements.

Rossi gearmotors