Rossi Standardfit Worm Gearmotors

  • Interchangeability (hollow low speed shaft diameter)
  • Motors to IEC standards
  • Universal mounting with lower feet, integral with casing and B14 flange on 2 faces
  • Rigid and precise cast iron monolithic casing with motor mounting integral flange
  • Improved and up-graded modular construction both for components and assembled products
  • High, reliable and tested performances (Ni bronze)
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Generous internal space between train of gears and casing


  • 6 sizes (118…742)
  • Power P1 0,09…5,5 kW
  • Nominal torque TN2 ≤ 670 N m
  • Transmission ratio iN 6…75
Rossi gearmotors