T-T Electric LAKC DC Motor Range

T-T Electric LAKC DC Motor Range

Outputs up to
2000 kW (2680 HP)

Frame sizes 355-900

4 and 6 poles

We supply DC motors from the T-T Electric LAKC range from stock or built to order with modifications and special options available. Shafts can be supplied to non-standard dimensions with other modifications available including drive-end roller bearings, shaft grounding ring, bearing & temperature sensors, brake, corrosion protection tacho & encoder.

The LAKC motors are designed for use in heavy industry meeting the tough requirements for high reliability, low maintenance costs, good commutation, long brush life and low energy consumption.

  • Fully laminated stator yoke, main poles and interpoles.
  • Pole face compensation winding to enhance performance in overload conditions.
  • Excellent commutation due to well proportioned ratio between armature length and diameter with low bar to bar voltage.
  • High thermal time constant.
  • Class H insulation.
  • Armatures wound with high quality materials.
  • Vacuum impregnated armature windings with 100% fill resin for optimal reliability.
  • Generously dimensioned shaft and bearings.
  • End shields of square design with large openings to facilitate brush accessibility for maintenance.
  • Spigot at the non-drive end for mounting of tachometer, encoder etc.
  • Twin brushes.

We also provide a full repair and rewind service to existing motors with commutator machining & undercutting, armature, field & interpole rewind, brushgear refurbishment with supply of replacement carbon brushes. Other mechanical repairs we carry out include bearing journal and housing rebuild and machining, motor case welding, rebuild and replacement of force ventilation blower unit and supply of replacement drive pulleys & couplings.

Our site engineering team provides a service where we attend your site to survey your plant, carry out testing on your existing motors & advise on suitable replacements & maintenance scheduling.

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