Renold TW Series Heavy Duty Worm Gearboxes

Heavy duty worm gear unit for arduous applications having a size range of 10″ to 28″ nominal (250 – 710mm) centre distance. Available as single or double reduction units, with power capacity of up to 1500kW.

  • Heavy duty design for high torque applications.
  • Variety of unit types enables flexibility in design mounting
  • Unique Holroyd tooth form provides high efficiency and product life.
  • Optional protection for hostile and arduous environments.
  • Interchangeable with David Brown Radicon
  • Replacement for Flender Cavex

TW Series Worm Gear Product Features

  • Phosphor bronze wormwheel rim electron beam welded onto cast iron centre on units up to size 14 to ensure maximum strength under shock load conditions.
  • Unique Holroyd tooth profile for maximum torque capacity and optimum efficiency.
  • Provision for synthetic lubricants for the transmission of higher torques where a more compact drive package is required.
  • Two piece close grain cast iron gear case for strength and absorption of vibration for quiet running.
  • Sprag clutch backstop option to prevent drive reversals.
  • Heavy duty taper roller bearings fitted for maximum load capacity and long life.
  • Enhanced sealing is available using a grease packed labyrinth system for use in hostile environments.
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