Bonfiglioli Helical Bevel Gearmotors – A Series

The Bonfiglioli Helical Bevel A-Series gearmotor range available from Webb-Elec.

The A-series helical bevel gear motor range is the first product to prove equally good in regard to efficiency and versatility within a highly competitive context, for both performance and price. Very quiet operation and universal mounting options make the A-series unit a serious contender when you are looking for a helical bevel unit.

Mechanical rating
0.22 … 150 kW

Gear ratios
5.4 … 1715

Main gearbox options and versions

Reinforced bearings for higher overhung load capacity
Reduced backlash
Torque arm
certification for explosive environments

Feet and shaft mount – two Hollow shafts dimensions for each size
Keyless shrink disc fitting
One/double sided and metric/Inch solid output shaft
Quick fit versions (taper bushings matching more shaft diameters)
Splined hollow shaft to DIN 5480

IEC-NEMA normalized motor adapters
Servomotors adapters with or without keyway
Solid input shaft – inch or metric dims

Applicable ac motors
Integral motors and brake motors – M/ME/MX series
IEC-normalized motors and brake motors – BN/BE/BX series
Single and dual speed motors

Main brake features
DC and AC supply
Different brake engage/disengage electronically controlled
Controlled AC/DC rectifier type SB, NBR, SBR (options)

Main motor options
Thermistors and thermostat sensors
Indipendent forced cooling
Incremental, sin/cos absolute single/multi-turn encoders

We sell a large number of products from Bonfiglioli into the UK market to both end-users and OEMs.

Efficient and reliable, the Bonfiglioli helical bevel A-series range of gearmotors are assembled to order and like most Bonfiglioli products they are available on a rapid build and despatch basis.

We also provide a full repair and rebuild service for all types of gearmotors in our extensively equipped workshop with gearcutting, new shafts, bearings, machining, seals and motors. Call us now on 0121 526 5070 for an immediate response for all your requirements.