Carbon Brushes

We supply a large range of industrial carbon brushes along with carbon vanes for vacuum pumps. These are manufactured within 1-2 days however we can offer an urgent same day service if required.

We also supply a wide variety of associated items including:-

  • Carbon brushes for DC motors
  • Brush holders & brushgear assemblies
  • Commutators
  • Sliprings
  • Brush springs
  • Vacuum pump carbon vanes – Siemens, Rietschle, Busch, Becker, Orion, Gast
  • Signal arm brushgear
  • Gauze brushes and holders for Ortlinghaus clutches
  • Motor shaft grounding rings
  • OEM kits and made to order, carbon vanes for vacuum units.


Carbon brushes are found in a wide variety of applications but mainly in DC motors & AC slipring motors. These motors are often seen as old technology however they are still widespread throughout industry, frequently found on cranes in the case of slipring motors and heavy drawbenches in the case of DC motors. DC motors are very versatile & allow for a wide operating speed range while delivering a high torque output throughout that speed range. Changing the complete control system over to accommodate a modern AC motor with inverter drive is often a very large capital expenditure project involving extensive downtime, hence DC motors are still in use as reliable workhorses in many factories throughout the UK.

When manufacturing replacement carbon brushes the grade of the carbon is critical in ensuring the correct performance of the brush. Too soft or hard can result in premature brush or commutator wear. Issues are also experienced with incorrect brush grade affecting commutation performance, where the friction between the brush and commutator is wrong resulting in sparking and burning which can cause serious issues including complete motor failure.

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