Reconditioned DC Motors

We have a wide range of reconditioned DC motors available. This is often an option to be considered if your existing motor is beyond repair and you cannot wait for the long lead time that a replacement unit is on from the manufacturer.

We can often match your motor with a close equivalent if not an identical unit. Currently available motors are detailed in the attachment below however as stocks are always moving we recommend you give us a call with your requirements. Manufacturers typically stocked include ABB, Bull, Lenze, Thrige Scott, Reliance, GEC, Mawdsleys, Siemens, ASEA, Leroy Somer, Baumuller & Technodrives.

Each motor is fully overhauled in our workshop before being despatched. This work will include full degreasing, Baker test and re-impregnation of the armature, field & interpole windings. Dynamic balancing of the armature. Commutator machine, undercut & polish. Reclamation of any worn journals and supply & fit of replacement bearings. The brushgear is fully re-insulated with replacement carbon brushes fitted and the force ventilation blower fully overhauled.

DC motors are however a somewhat dying breed, although there are many still in production. They are typically found in steel processing applications, plastic production and paper rolling mills. Their advantages have always been that the produce high starting torque, they have a linear speed-torque curve and do not suffer from the harmonic effects that can often be a problem with an AC motor & drive. They are ideal for any application that needs constant low speed or adjustable torque.

If you are looking to modernise your machinery however, the current trend is now for manufacturers to offer an AC TEFC motor coupled with an AC inverter drive. This allows you to install a readily available motor & drive package off the shelf that requires considerably less maintenance than a DC motor. Although the AC package will allow full variable speed control the same as a DC system, you must make sure that the replacement is correctly selected for the application, particularly with regard to starting torque and cooling consideration at low speed where a force ventilation fan will be needed.

We can provide a full technical engineering support service with on-site inspection of your plant to design and select the correct replacement AC system for you. Alternatively as above, we can repair your existing DC motor or source a new or refurbished unit.