Vacon Inverter Suppliers

Danfoss Drives were the first company to mass produce AC drives back in 1968. Since then they have become one of the front runners in AC drive technology and development that is helping change the modern world. Danfoss acquired Vacon Drives to complement their business with a view to position themselves as a leading player in the AC inverter drives marketplace.

They strive to develop & produce the best products to deliver improved process precision and increased energy efficiency.

Their range of inverter drives covers their Microdrive range all the way up to their major industrial range. At Webb-Elec we are a Vacon inverter supplier & all of these are available along with technical support and advice.

Product ranges supplied:-

  • VLT Microdrive FC51
  • Vacon 20
  • Vacon 20X
  • VLT Midi Drive FC280
  • VLT HVAC Drive FC102
  • VLT Refrigeration drive FC103
  • Vacon 100 Flow
  • VLT Aqua Drive FC102
  • Vacon 100 Industrial
  • VLT Automation Drive FC301/FC302
  • VLT Lift Drive LD302
  • Vacon NXC
  • Vacon NXP

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