Kendrion Brakes & Clutches.

Kendrion specialise in the manufacture of electromagnetic brake and clutch systems, holding magnets, solenoids & control systems for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. Formerly known as Kendrion Binder Magnete, the company is a subsidiary of the Kendrion group based in Germany. Their products specialise in areas such as accelerating, decelerating, holding & positioning movable drive loads & components.

Typical applications are in production machines, machine tools, electric motors, robotics, automation & elevator technology.

Kendrion are a well known and respected brand in the areas of brake and clutch technology throughout the world. Their products can be found in a very wide range of industrial applications and we come across them regularly in our repair department fitted to motors, gearboxes and other drive components when they come in for refurbishment and rebuild.

We have a strong working knowledge of Kendrion brakes & clutches and can provide not only a like-for-like replacement service but also a technical advisory service for new applications or upgrading and improvement of existing equipment to suit new production processes. If your brake or clutch is a non-standard unit or on a long lead time from the manufacturer, we have a full in-house repair department where we can fully rebuild your failed equipment with machining/manufacture of mechanical components and rewind & encapsulation of electromagnetic coils.

If you have a requirement for any new or replacement electromagnetic brakes or clutches then don’t hesitate to get in touch on our phone number at the top of the page for a fast, knowledgeable and helpful response.

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