Reconditioned Geared Motors


We stock a wide range of reconditioned geared motors and gearboxes from small worm gearmotors suitable for conveyor applications right up to large units suitable for steel drawbenches and crusher units.

All gearboxes and gearmotors are fully overhauled in our workshop before being shipped out to the end-user. A typical overhaul will include:-

  • Fully dismantle and degrease all components
  • Check shafts for worn drive diameters and bearing journal wear – Rectify as necessary
  • Check all bearing housings for wear and re-machine as necessary
  • Check all gears for wear and damage
  • Dynamically balance rotor assembly
  • Supply and fit complete set of replacement bearings & oil seals
  • Re-assemble gearbox & refill with lubricant
  • Fully Baker & surge test motor stator windings, stove and impregnate with varnish
  • Assemble complete unit, test & paint.

We hold a variety of different units & gear ratios in styles including in-line helical, helical bevel, helical worm & shaft mounted. We also supply different mountings including flanges, torque arms and foot options. Special output shafts can be manufactured in our workshop as required, which is a common request with hollow output bore units as these often have an output shaft bespoke to the customer’s machine. We can also replicate existing footprints in the case of a “closest match” unit where we fabricate a bespoke base plate to match up to your existing unit.

We not only supply refurbished modern units but we also have stocks of obsolete units where a metric replacement would involve too much modification to your plant.

If you cannot find the exact unit you require we can rebuild your existing gearmotor on a standard or urgent service to meet your requirements.

Typical manufacturers units held include:-

  • Radicon
  • Flender
  • SEW Eurodrive
  • Rossi
  • Nord
  • Crofts
  • Renold
  • Holroyd
  • Bonfiglioli
  • Siemens

Our stock profile is continuously changing which makes it a never ending job to regularly update our website so we ask you to get in touch if you have a specific requirement.

Call us now on 0121 526 5070 for a fast response and an immediate solution to your gearbox and geared motor requirements with our extensive range of reconditioned geared motors.