Engineering Workshop

We carry out a wide range of repairs within our extensively equipped mechanical & electrical engineering workshop. Not only do we repair electric motors but we also carry out rebuild work to all associated mechanical items including gearboxes, pumps, fans, brakes & clutches. Our team of highly skilled engineers adhere to AEMT industry best practice at all times so you can be sure that you are always in the best of hands.

Our capabilities include:

  • Dynamic balancing: fan & pump impellers, rotors, pulleys, armatures, etc.
  • Electric motor repair, rewind and overhaul
  • Industrial gearbox repair & rebuild including gear cutting, shaft manufacture and bearing replacement
  • Pump repair with shaft reclamation, impeller balancing, replacement bearings, mechanical seal & pump test
  • 3 phase & DC Electric motor rebuild and repair
  • Electronic repair & testing
  • Servomotor repair, rebuild & testing
  • Fan unit rebuild with impeller repair/balance/replacement. Shaft, bearings & housings repaired & replaced
  • Fabrication of damaged obsolete components
  • Metalspray and fully equipped machine shop facilities
  • Hydraulic press facilities
  • Shotblast and full steam clean facilities
  • Test area for full run testing of all motors, pumps, fans & geared motors.


Our engineering workshop Baker tester facility allows us to fully diagnose all possible faults with your motor. The tests range from basic earth leakage to winding resistance, hi-pot, stepped voltage, and surge. Surge testing with the Baker unit is the only way to test for potential turn-to-turn failure in a motor and can flag up issues before the motor fails enabling you to take a course of preventative maintenance with scheduled downtime before any breakdown occurs. We can carry this testing out either in our workshop or on-site at your premises.

We also provide a full emergency 24 hour breakdown service and carry out work both in our workshop and on-site. We can assist you with removal & re-installation of plant and also with fault finding, examining your process to improve productivity and reduce downtime.