Bauer Gear Motor

Bauer Gear Motor Supplier

Bauer Gear Motor are one of the leading manufacturers of energy efficient geared motor solutions. They produce a high-quality German product to suit a wide range of applications, which are all built to last to give many years of reliable performance. We are a major UK Bauer Gear Motor supplier and offer their complete range of products. These include in-line helical geared motors, helical worm and bevel industrial geared units.

Not only do we supply Bauer’s standard range of gearmotors, but we also supply their aseptic and stainless steel design units for food and washdown applications offering the highest hygiene standards. Also available are Bauer’s decentralised solutions and hazardous area geared motors.

Replacement Units & New Project Selection Services

We select and supply for new projects to suit your requirements and also replace existing units with an equivalent model or redesign with added modification. Whether it be a replacement bevel BK-series unit for a conveyor application or designing and selecting a fully sealed IP68 unit for an application that requires water submersion. We have the knowledge & experience and continually strive to provide the very best product support. This will enable you to confidently choose us as your preferred supplier for Bauer products.

We have extensive experience in the engineering and power transmission industries and have always found Bauer to be a superior German product. They are one of the premium manufacturers that we work with, and we have the utmost confidence in their design and reliability. You will find their products fitted to a large number of the blue-chip manufacturing companies throughout the UK and we have no hesitation to recommend and support their gearmotors & drives.

We also supply and stock a wide range of spares for multiple Bauer products which include brakes, cooling fans, shafts, gears and all other components you may require.

If you have any enquiries then don’t hesitate to call us on 0121 526 5070 for a fast, knowledgeable and efficient response.

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