Shutdown DC Motor Rebuilds


This Easter we carried out 3 DC motor rebuilds for a customer who needed to have major pieces of plant overhauled for their shutdown. Due to production schedules, they could not give us much advanced notice with regard to when the motors would be available for collection. All we knew was that they had to be fully repaired and back on site by Easter Monday.

Well, one large DC motor arrived on Good Friday & the other 2 on Easter Saturday which were in very poor condition.

The following work was carried out to all 3 units:-

  • Collect, dismantle, degrease and fully assess
  • Test armature windings, clear earth fault, stove and impregnate with anti-tracking varnish
  • Test and clear field and interpole windings, stove and impregnate
  • Machine, polish and undercut commutator
  • Overhaul and re-insulate brushgear assembly
  • Supply and fit replacement carbon brushes
  • Check all bearing journals and housings for wear and damage
  • Supply and fit replacement bearings
  • Dismantle and fully overhaul force-vent blower unit
  • Fully check and test tachogenerator
  • Rebuild complete unit and set up on test bed
  • Fully test run throughout full speed range in both directions & profile new carbon brushes
  • Paint and deliver to your works

Our engineers worked tirelessly throughout the weekend on separate shifts to have the work completed by the required deadline. Our supplier support chain were on standby and provided the spares we needed in good time and the motors were rebuild and fully tested.

All 3 units were returned on time to our customer’s satisfaction.

Another example of the complete support service we provide to UK manufacturing from DC motor rebuilds to pump supply & installation, a complete gearmotor service, inverter supply, couplings, clutches & brakes.