Invertek Inverter Supplier

Invertek Drives specialise in the design and manufacture of advanced variable frequency AC drives. These are used to control motors in a wide variety of industrial applications. From process control but increasingly now for energy saving, especially where centrifugal pumps and fans are involved, Invertek strive to be at the forefront of development within the industry. At Webb-Elec we are an Invertek inverter supplier with product specialists on hand to advise and help in selecting the correct product for your needs.

A UK based manufacturer, they now have a global sales, service & support network in over 80 countries with an ever increasing product range.

Their drives are well known for their sophistication yet are designed to be easy to use and come in a wide variety of enclosure options. All of this makes them a very popular choice for a wide variety of applications.

Their range of drives typically cover 4 main areas:

  • Pump control
  • HVAC building services
  • Elevators
  • General automation

Webb-Elec supply the full range of Invertek drives and can advise and select the correct drive for your application. Whether it be a like-for-like replacement, replacing an alternative manufacturer’s drive or a completely new OEM application, we can support you with our extensive knowledge and experience.

Call now on 0121 526 5070 for an immediate response.

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