Energy Saving Project at Galvanizing Plant

Optidrive Eco

Recently a galvanizing company contacted us who were looking at reducing their energy costs on one of their main production processes.

They had a large galvanizing bath with closed doors at each end and a sizeable 37kw extraction fan unit. This fan ran constantly at full speed all day. While galvanizing was in process, the fan needed to extract the fumes to its maximum capacity. However, when the process was finished and the doors opened, very little extraction was needed and the fan speed could be reduced considerably.

We selected and supplied an Invertek HVAC drive for this application. It was duly installed and the control parameters adjusted in order to get the optimum performance from the extraction fan balanced with the desired energy savings. The system worked perfectly and the customer was very happy with his projected savings of £3500 per year.

A point to seriously take note of is that this installation will pay for itself in approximately 10 months with savings of £3500 every year thereafter