Machine Refurbishment


This month a steel processing customer of ours was installing a large planer machine that they had recently bought. This unit was previously used and we were tasked with overhauling the main mill motors. Each motor was fully dismantled and degreased. Although they had been running, there was a lot of metallic debris inside the casings so once clean, the windings were fully re-impregnated with anti-tracking varnish to replenish the insulation level.

The rotors were tested for damage and the bearing journals and housings were all checked for wear with replacement bearings supplied. New force ventilation fans were also supplied and adapted to the units. The motors were then fully rebuilt and tested.

Meanwhile, the customer had experienced problems with the main bed traverse drive on the original unit which used an old Ward Leonard system. We redesigned this and supplied an SEW Eurodrive AC geared motor fitted with force vent fan in conjunction with an Invertek sensorless vector inverter drive. This enabled very smooth and controlled performance at low speeds.

Finally we supplied a replacement Nord helical worm geared motor to replace an old NECO unit that was on the cross travel drive.

The machine is now fully rebuilt and works very successfully