100 Flow

VACON 100 FLOW is an AC drive dedicated to improving flow control in Building Automation and Water & Wastewater applications. It combines core functionality of VACON 100 with features that are specifically designed for flow control applications, such as multipump solutions and application selection menus.

• Power range of 0.55 kW/0.75 HP to 160 kW/250 HP
• Available in two voltage versions 208 – 240 V and 380 – 500 V
• IP21/UL Type 1 or IP54/UL Type 12 certified enclosures
• Dedicated flow control functionality
• Multipump single drive, Multimaster and Multifollower pump control solutions as standard
• Graphical keypad with wizards and application menus
• Electrolytic-free DC link capacitors for long lifetime and high reliability
• Integrated Safe torque off (STO) option, Safe Stop and ATEX thermistor protection
• BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, Profinet IO (optional) and Ethernet IP (optional) via on-board Ethernet
• Modbus RTU, Metasys N2 and BACnet MSTP via RS485 available as standard

• Dedicated functionality for pump, fan and compressor applications makes system integration easy and efficient
• Electrolytic-free DC link capacitors for long lifetime and minimized lifecycle cost
• Graphical keypad with wizard guides the user through commissioning and drive startup
• Built-in Ethernet and RS485 communication as standard offers efficient integration into automation systems

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