Permanent Magnet Brake – High Torque

The permanent magnet brake high torque series from Kendrion Binder makes use of all the well-known advantages of permanent magnet brakes. Due to a re-design of the magnetic circuit, it features further advantages such as a higher torque at identical size and power consumption, high torque constancy throughout the complete service life and an extended temperature range.

The High Torque brake is designed to operate dry. The force generated by the permanent magnetic field is used to produce the braking effect. To neutralise the braking action, the magnetic flux of the permanent magnets is cancelled by an alternate electromagnetic field (electromagnetically released system). The zero backlash connection between the armature and flange hub ensures zero backlash transmission of the brake torque to the machine shaft (e.g. motor shaft) and reliable release of the High Torque brake with zero residual torque. Thanks to these features, High Torque brakes are ideal for servo motor applications.


  • Higher torque with equal size compared to PM Line
  • High consistency of torque during full service life; extended temperature range
  • -15°C to +120°C, optional -40°C

Specifications & technical details

  • Nominal torque range: 0.1Nm – 300Nm
  • Voltage 24v DC
  • IP00 protection class
  • Temperature range: -15deg C +120deg C, optional -40deg C

Permanent Magnet Brake Applications

The applications are the same as those of the conventional permanent magnet brake.

  • Servo motors
  • Medical engineering
  • Handling technology
  • Packaging machines

We have a strong working knowledge of the full range of Kendrion Binder brakes & clutches and can provide not only a like-for-like replacement service but also a technical advisory service for new applications or upgrading and improvement of existing equipment to suit new production processes. If your brake or clutch is a non-standard unit or on a long lead time from the manufacturer, we have a full in-house repair department where we can fully rebuild your failed equipment with machining/manufacture of mechanical components and rewind & encapsulation of electromagnetic coils.

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