Simogear Bevel Geared Motors

The range of Simogear bevel geared motors from Siemens is a very comprehensive and high quality one consisting of the following:-


  • Can be used even in narrow construction space
  • High range of transmission ratios (plug-on pinion)
  • Very energy efficient (efficiencies of 98 % per stage)
  • High power density

Mechanical construction

  • Stages: 2 or 3
  • Mounting types: foot-mounted or flange-mounted designs, housing flange, design with torque arm
  • Shaft designs: solid shaft, hollow shaft, hollow shaft with splined shaft, hollow shaft with shrink disk, SIMOLOC assembly system

Typical applications

  • Baggage conveyor
  • Transport of packaged goods
  • Rope lifter (warehouse logistic)
  • Carriage drives
  • Mixers

Technical data

SIMOGEAR bevel geared motors

Bevel geared motors

Bevel geared motors

Gear unit type

B..19 … B..49 (2-stage)

K..39 … K..189 (3-stage)

Gear unit sizes



Torque range


50 … 450

150 … 19 500

Range of transmission ratios

3.6 … 59 (2-stage)

5.7 … 237 (3-stage)

Motor power range





Knowledge & Support

We specialise in supplying the complete range of gearmotors from Siemens. Whether you require a replacement identical geared motor for an existing machine or are designing a new project and require an applications engineer to steer and advise you then look no further. Our staff have spent a lifetime in the power transmission industry and will discuss your requirements either over the phone & email or can attend site to inspect, and advise as required. We will discuss your entire project and select the right unit for you with regard to technical requirements and price point.

We also have a fully equipped repair workshop where we modify existing or new units with bespoke shafts, brakes etc and we also rebuild failed existing units on an emergency breakdown service with stator rewind, journal repair and machining, replacement bearings, gear cutting and replacement rotor shaft.

Call us on 0121 526 5070 for an immediate response.