Chiller Door Lifter Project


Last month we were called to site by one of our OEM customers to look at a chiller application.

The site was a leaf vegetable processing plant where the products were prepared, washed, bagged & then crated & moved into the chiller before despatch.

The chiller had 2 doors, one at each end & once full, the doors were closed with a partial vacuum & the room & contents rapidly chilled. The doors originally slid open to the side on linear rails via a hydraulic system but due to the end customer needing the area to the side of the chiller for more space, they asked us to design and supply a system to lift the door mechanism upwards rather than to the side.

Our engineer studied the mechanics of the application and calculated the necessary electrical & mechanical requirements. He selected 2 off – Nord parallel helical shaft mounted geared brake motors complete with all the necessary transmission elements to carry out the modification. The choice for Nord was simple as they are a very high quality German unit with excellent manufacturer support & also a product that we can supply at a very competitive price.

The units were delivered to site and once installed, they worked perfectly. The modification was a success and the customer was very pleased with the service he had received.