Electric Motor Repairs

Webb-Elec has extensive experience in electric motor repairs, specialising in the rewind, repair and overhaul of all types of electric motors currently in use today. Our workshop facilities and knowledge can provide you with the fastest and most cost effective solution to your failed motors. From old and obsolete slipring motors, 2 speed motors, brake motors , servo & cnc spindle motors, we offer the complete one stop service. As members of the AEMT we work to their standards and strive to achieve the highest quality and efficiency in all our motor rebuilds.

Typical electric motor repairs will include:-

  • Dismantle and full degreasing of all components
  • Full Baker and surge test of windings to ascertain their condition and identify any possible faults that may be developing
  • Full check and measurement of bearing and seal journals and housings for wear or damage & machine as necessary
  • Test of rotor to check for any damaged rotor bars & dynamically balance
  • Machine DC motor commutator, undercut and polish
  • Overhaul and re-insulate brushgear & fit replacement carbon brushes
  • Drive shaft and any extension to be tested for any eccentric run out
  • Windings fully stoved or stripped and rewound then re-impregnated with anti-tracking varnish
  • Replacement bearings supplied, fitted and correctly lubricated as required to the manufacturer’s standard along with any seals
  • Full re-assembly of motor and extensive run test
  • Paint and delivery to the customer.


Not only do we carry out repairs to existing motors but we also select and supply replacements for applications where the end-user wants to modernise their plant. For example in the case of slipring motors we can supply a replacement AC squirrel cage motor and inverter drive package. This will be selected by one of our applications engineers to replace obsolete plant with items that are more energy efficient and also an off the shelf option which is quickly replaced in the case of any future failures.

If you have any enquiries in these areas please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can advise and quote over the phone or send an engineer to site to discuss your project in more detail.