Forklift DC Motor Replacement

Fork Lift DC Motor

A forklift DC motor next to it’s replacement. After a very tough life, the motor on the left came in to us for some TLC. Our repair team was ready to carry out a Baker & surge test to the windings then stove & fully re-insulate them with anti-tracking varnish. They would then machine and undercut the commutator, dynamically balance the armature, overhaul & re-insulate the brushgear and fit new brushes & bearings.

Unfortunately upon dismantling the motor they had a shock as they found it was literally burned to a cinder. The forklift DC motor insulation on both the armature and field windings had been badly overloaded and the commutator was also in a very sorry state. The motor was essentially beyond economical repair. This is often a common issue with these types of motors either through operator abuse or improper battery charging.

Working with our traction motor partner we sourced a replacement unit as seen on the right of the photo which is now on it’s way back to be installed in the truck.

DC traction motors for forklift applications maybe old technology now but there are still a lot of them out there in the marketplace. If you need support in this area or with the modern AC inverter driven units then we can help. Our engineering team has a vast knowledge of experience in all areas of electric motor applications and can help with repair and replacement options whatever your requirements.

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