Invertek Optidrive P2 High Performance Drive

Invertek Optidrive P2 high performance drives provide advanced motor control and torque performance suitable for heavy duty applications.

The perfect combination of high performance together with ease of use allows even the most demanding applications to be tackled easily by the P2 variable frequency drive.

Invertek has developed advanced mathematical algorithms and uses the very latest hardware technology to ensure Optidrive P2 provides exceptional motor control with a simple interface to help users easily apply the benefits to their applications.

Designed for fast installation and commissioning, the P2 variable frequency drive provides the most cost effective solution for industry.

All Optidrive P2 units provide 150% overload for 60 seconds as standard, ensuring each drive is suitable for Heavy Duty applications, whilst the IP55 enclosed versions ensure the drive is tough enough to survive in industrial environments.

Whether you are looking to replace an existing drive or working on a new project, we can advise you and select the correct drive for your application. From free standing IP66 drives for washdown duty in a food production plant or the design and build of a new control panel with integrated IP20 drives in a steel processing factory, our technical engineers can provide the full service from start to finish.

At Webb-Elec we have a very strong working knowledge and relationship with Invertek drives and supply their full range of inverters. A UK manufacturer, they have become well known for their innovative design and ease of use. Available on a next day basis and with our usual technical support and backup we are your first port of call for all Invertek drives. Call us on 0121 526 5070 for a fast and efficient response.


Part Numbers:

ODP-2-24075-3KF4                    ODP-2-54370-3KF4
ODP-2-24150-3KF4                    ODP-2-64045-3KF4
ODP-2-24220-3KF4                    ODP-2-64055-3KF4
ODP-2-24400-3KF4                    ODP-2-64075-3KF4
ODP-2-34055-3KF4                    ODP-2-64090-3KF4
ODP-2-34075-3KF4                    ODP-2-74110-3KF4
ODP-2-34110-3KF4                    ODP-2-74132-3KF4
ODP-2-44150-3KF4                    ODP-2-74160-3KF4
ODP-2-44185-3KF4                    ODP-2-84200-3KF4
ODP-2-44220-3KF4                    ODP-2-84250-3KF4

Invertek inverters