FC51 Microdrive

VLT® Micro Drive is a genuine VLT® frequency converter with unsurpassed reliability, user-friendliness, condensed functionality and extremely easy to commission. Terminal numbers are named in the same manner as in the rest of the VLT® family.

Despite the compact size and the easy commissioning, VLT® Micro Drive can be set up to perform perfectly even in complex application set-ups. Approximately 100 parameters can be set to optimize energy efficiency and operation.

Supply voltages and power range:-

  • 1 x 200-240 V…0.18-2.2 kW
  • 3 x 200-240 V…0.25-3.7 kW
  • 3 x 380-480 V..0.37-22 kW

Part Numbers:

132F0010                    132F0024
132F0012                    132F0026
132F0014                    132F0028
132F0016                    132F0030
132F0017                    132F0058
132F0018                    132F0059
132F0020                    132F0060
132F0022                    132F0061