Radio Energie RE0444 R Tachogenerator

Radio Energie Tachogenerator

Main Characteristics

  • 60V/1000rpm output
  • EG grade brushes, 10,000 rpm max speed
  • Radio Energie Industry standard mounting 11mm diameter shaft 115mm diameter flange
  • Almost maintenance free (periodic check of brushes required)
  • Wide speed range
  • Long life brushes
  • Direction of rotation indicated by polarity of voltage output
  • External power source not required
  • Interchangeable with Baumer Hubner TDP02LT


Radio Energie tachogenerators are the industry standard and are a very reliable feedback unit typically found on a wide range of industrial rotating equipment. These are mainly encountered by us on industrial DC motors where a standard voltage feedback is required to give a speed reference to the DC drive. Typical voltage outputs are 60v/1000rpm but other voltages are available.

Along with the supply of the Radio Energie REO444 tachogenerator, we also provide a full in-house engineering repair service the the items of plant these are fitted to, rebuilding motors, fans, gearmotors, pumps and allied equipment.

Tachogenerators often fail due to excessive vibration from worn motor bearings or an imbalance in the rotating mass of the unit they are fitted to. The internal components of tachogenerators can easily be damaged by these issues and that is why we always recommend the unit is inspected for issues before simply fitting a new tacho as the replacement may also fail in a similar way if the root cause of failure is not addressed.

All items we fit new feedback devices to are fully overhauled with replacement bearings fitted. With DC motors we will Baker test the windings, stove and impregnate armature and field windings, machine, undercut & polish the commutator and overhaul the brushgear. Bearing journals & housings are measured and machined as necessary and carbon brushes replaced. The armature/rotor, coupling, fan or impeller is then dynamically balanced on our CEMB Hofmann dynamic balancing machine before being returned to the customer in perfect condition. All this will ensure an increased lifespan for the equipment and improved production performance.

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