Replacement DC Motor

Replacement DC Motor TT Electric

We recently received a Siemens DC motor from a customer that had failed in service. Upon dismantling and fully inspecting the motor we found that it had failed in a catastrophic manner. We did not need to use any test meters or our Baker tester as the damage was obvious with a large hole in the armature windings and another large flash having caused damage to the field and interpole windings. The hunt was on for a replacement DC motor!

This damage was caused by a major insulation failure which appeared to be down to the ingress of a foreign body. The repair was going to be costly and take a long time so we looked to our manufacturing partners in an effort to source a replacement motor. The most cost effective solution for a replacement DC motor was provided by T-T Electric which also happened to be on the shortest lead time. The motor had to have some slight design modifications which were easily incorporated into the design and following a short conversation, the customer immediately instructed us to proceed.

Arriving on time and to the correct design specification the motor was dispatched by us to the customer’s site who was as always, very pleased with our level of service.

If you have any requirements for DC motor repairs or replacements don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0121 526 5070.