Biomass Screw Feeder Upgrade

biomass screw feeder upgrade

We recently supplied a new Motovario gearmotor and Invertek inverter drive. These items were selected as part of a biomass screw feeder upgrade project to replace an existing mechanical speed variator unit.

The customer was having to frequently stop and start the old mechanical variator unit as it was feeding too fast even at its slowest speed. Mechanical variators don’t like to stop and start too often due to their design so the existing unit started to give problems and was nearing the end of its useful life.

Our technical sales team selected this Motovario gearmotor and calculated a more suitable ratio for the gearbox to better suit the screw feed speed. They then selected a suitable Invertek inverter drive to allow for the speed variation when needed. Both items were supplied on a next day delivery at a very competitive price.

Another modern and cost effective solution from us here at Webb-Elec to support the end user with his biomass screw feeder upgrade project.

If you have any similar projects to either replace problematic equipment or to upgrade and improve existing processes then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our engineers can attend your site to inspect your process from start to finish in order to offer the best engineering solution.

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