Motor Testing Training

Motor testing training

Motor testing training with new team member Adam on the Megger Baker AWA-IV motor tester.

This piece of extremely useful equipment enables us to test a wide range of motors with tests including winding resistance, megohm, surge, DC step voltage & DC hipot. Whether in our workshop or in the field at your premises we can thoroughly test your motors checking the insulation performance in great depth. This will enable you to have a good understanding of the health of your motors & predict future failures. You can then plan for necessary maintenance work or arrange a replacement unit well in advance.

Alternatively if you have a large motor that you need testing as you are unsure if it has a fault, you no longer have to go to all the trouble to remove it which can be very time consuming and disruptive. We often have customers who are unsure if the production fault is with the motor, electronic drive or a mechanical issue with the gearbox etc. They often remove items one by one and at great expense until the faulty component is identified. With the Megger Baker AWA-IV we can save you all the trouble of removing the motor. We can attend your site and carry out a full set of tests to either pinpoint the motor fault or give it a clean bill of health. That is why motor testing training is so important for all our team.

For more information on how we can help you with all your motor testing and repair needs just call us on 0121 526 5070.