Active Brake Line

Active Brake Line series brakes from Kendrion Binder include DC single-disc units, in which the action of force of an electromagnetic field (electromagnetically closing) is used to generate the braking force. The brake is characterized by a secure, residual moment-free lifting in any position, and by a backlash-free transfer of the braking torque. Throughout their complete service life, they require little or no maintenance.


  • Different types of armatures
  • Tailor-made designs

Active Brake Line Specifications & technical details

  • Nominal torque range: 0.2Nm – 150Nm
  • Voltage: DV 24V
  • IP00 Protection Class


  • Car technology
  • Handling technology
  • House and building technology

Kendrion Binder are based in Germany and produce a well engineered and highly reliable product range. The company is continually growing with an international sales network representing their activities all over the world. Throughout the industry their name and reputation stand for quality, innovation and precision.

We have a strong working knowledge of the full range of Kendrion Binder brakes & clutches and can provide not only a like-for-like replacement service but also a technical advisory service for new applications or upgrading and improvement of existing equipment to suit new production processes. If your brake or clutch is a non-standard unit or on a long lead time from the manufacturer, we have a full in-house repair department where we can fully rebuild your failed equipment with machining/manufacture of mechanical components and rewind & encapsulation of electromagnetic coils.

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