Fan Manufacturer

We are a specialist fan manufacturer & offer a wide range of units including centrifugal fans to either our standard drawing arrangement or to your bespoke design. We also manufacture axial fan units, replacement impellers, shaft throwers, casings and other spare components for existing units to drawing or to sample.

With over 35 years in the rotating machinery business we have a wide range of experience in the repair, design and supply of all types of fans & blowers.

A fan manufacturer but also a specialist in the supply of the following replacement components:-

  • Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Casings
  • Impellers
  • Motors
  • Drive belts
  • Guards

Our service includes on-site assessment with vibration analysis to help fault find and advise on necessary repairs and alterations to improve production and service life. Our engineers will remove your equipment and either rebuild it in our works or manufacture a replacement fan unit and re-install it to your requirements.

Our in-house CEMB Hofmann dynamic balancing machine can balance rotors & impellers up to 1 ton in weight. Poor balance is the main cause of bearing failures on most fan units as debris and fatigue cause rotating components to run out of balance resulting in vibration and premature component failure. Dynamic balancing not only dramatically extends the life of your rotating equipment but it also improves your process and product quality and reduces noise improving the working environment for your staff.

Not only do we repair, balance and manufacture centrifugal fans, we also manufacture axial impellers, paddle, multivane & furnace fan impellers and complete units. We have full in-house MIG & TIG welding and a motor repair department where we rewind, overhaul and repair motors while the fan casing & impeller are being rebuilt. In the case of a motor being beyond repair, our extensive stocks of motors enable us to replace the unit immediately so as to not cause any delay in the repair of your fan in the case of urgent breakdowns.

Impeller dynamic balancing Centrifugal blower fan

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