HVAC 100

HVAC 100

VACON 100 HVAC is an AC drive developed especially for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications. It comes with a power range of 0.55-160 kW and for supply voltages of 230 V, 400 V or 480 V. Designed specifically for the building automation industry, VACON 100 HVAC can enhance pump, fan and compressor applications.

Easy installation and efficient, trouble-free operation mean that just about anyone can commission VACON 100 HVAC with a speedy return on investment guaranteed.

• Enclosure classes IP21/Type 1 and IP54/Type 12
• BMS controller with industrial Ethernet and RS485 protocols
• BACnet IP and Modbus TCP via Ethernet and Modbus RTU, Metasys N2 and BACnet MSTP via RS485 available as standard
• EMC harmonics: EN 61000-3-12 compliant
• IEC61800-5-1 (2007), UL 508 C safety approval
• CE, UL, cUL approvals
• Graphical HMI keypad
• Built-in PID controller
• Standard I/O and optional expansion cards
• Real Time Clock with battery backup
• No charge time during storage time
• RoHS compliant, no electrolytic capacitors, no lead in the circuit boards

Dedicated drive for HVAC applications:
• Pumps
• Fans
• Compressors (chillers)
• Built-in communication saves on investment costs
• No need for additional harmonics filter
• All circuits are designed with IEC 60721-3-3 for high immunity in demanding environments
• IP54/Type 12 units save space and costs
• Plenum-mountable to save on costs and easily integrated

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